Hello world!

I am a 30-year-old, mother of 3, do-it-myselfer. I am on a quest for the best life possible, believing that I can do for myself and that success is not measured monetarily. Since I do many things for myself, I decided to embark into the blogging empire, to expand some of my abilities. I believe in always learning, knowing when you’re wrong, and always being adaptable and willing to try new things or see new perspectives.

I currently have a small homestead in Arizona that is the home for 4 pot-belly-pigs, 6 meat rabbits, 8 chickens, 2 goats, 4 dogs, and 3 cats (wow, I didn’t realize how many animals we have, until just now.) We are off-grid and living off solar power, hauling water, and making do with what we have.

Life is good here and I look forward to the journey ahead of me, expanding my homestead and making more from what I have.

I like to craft, cook, can/preserve, photograph, grow, and explore new things

It’s good to meet you!


The Tale of the Grubby Princesses

We have a lot of dirt here in the high desert, and my girls are not easy on their clothes, or shoes, or hair. In fact, they are just downright grubby little humans. Also, these little princesses are still learning the concept of not wasting things. Turn off lights etc….. I haven’t been able to break them of their soap overload. Seriously, these kids use a bottle of soap every couple days.

My friends over at Packaging Options Direct have sent me a magical device to help me in my quest for clean, non-wasting princesses.

Ta Da!!!!  (Don’t mind my photo-bombing cat, Aspen)

DSC_0010                IT’S A FOAMING SOAP PUMP!!!

Ok so, the coolness level of this is like 15 out of 10. I like expensive soap, but it doesn’t come in one of those fancy foaming bottles. Now my expensive soap is like a concentrate.  Enough about me, this is going to help my kids not waste my expensive soap anymore!!

I didn’t even measure this out. I poured soap about ¼ of the way into the bottle, and then I filled it almost to the top with water. You have to leave room for the lid and the suds, for when you shake it up.  Put the lid on and shake shake shake! I had really great helpers for this.

I always tell my girls that even Princesses need to wash their hands, so my biggest tiny human wanted special princess soap. The gears started grinding and I was on a mission to make princess soap.


I added a couple drops of red food dye to help make it pink. I was careful to keep it low key, since I wanted their hands clean, not pink! The magic of childhood is appearances, so I decided to decorate the bottle in true princess fashion. I used

permanent markers this time.  My little helpers wanted to help so badly, so I turned this over to them.



  Ta Da! Princess wash, complete with pink flower Simple, yet fun and effective!

Here’s a quick rundown of the instructions for the soap.

  • Take your favorite hand soap (dish soap, or any other type of soap will work too)
  • Fill white foaming bottle ¼ of the way up with soap
  • Add water almost to top.
  • Attach foaming pump lid
  • Shake!
  • Pump a few times to get the soap into the foaming pump.

Here are the supplies I used from P.O.D. (A big thanks for all their cool products)

250 ml Oval PET White Foamer             cost = $0.40

40 mm P/P White Foamer Pump           cost = $0.57

Total cost of the reusable bottle and foaming pump was $0.97. For the kids’ soap, I bought a bottle of dollar store soap, which will be used approximately 6 times. This makes my cost per fill approximately $0.32 for the first 6 times, then $0.16 for each time following. For my expensive castile soap that I love, it’s roughly $10. I think I can get 20 uses out of it (with none wasted!!!) for only $0.50 a fill!!

I am seriously putting these all over the house. This will be a great way for them to shampoo their hair, body washes, and for me to wash dishes since I’m the soap waster in that area.

Here is a pdf version for ya if you want.  The Tale of the Grubby Princesses


Trade Bazaar 2015

What is a trade bazaar? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

A bunch of us who belong to a fabulous homesteading Facebook group, got together to trade our homesteading related wares. (Here we are if you’d like to join us, or check us out)

It was so much fun. I mean seriously an epic, family fun, experience to remember. We are definitely doing this again. Possibly a semi-annual event.

There was a whirlwind of trading, educating, meeting, and enjoying company.

Here's the front and back of the final design

Here’s the front and back of the final design

What a pretty tag

What a pretty tag

I finally finished my business cards and my product tags.

What do you think of them?




For the trade bazaar, I made jams, sauces, concentrates, flavored shines, lip balm, coconut butter, fresh mayonnaise, pickled carrots (remind me to tell you about The Great Carrot Fiasco of 2015,) and a homemade natural fruit tree pesticide.

My 'booth'

My ‘booth’

This was my booth. No judging! (I clearly have higher expectations for myself,) I was late, so I didn’t get set up as nicely as I would have liked, or get pictures like I wanted.

Not only was I able to showcase my homemade goodies, but I was able to showcase the beautiful packaging that my friends over at Packaging Options Direct sell. I am absolutely in LOVE with their products, and their prices!

I traded for some awesome items. Homemade is the key here.

  • candles
  • beef jerky (I ate it all before the trade was over, it was that good)
  • goats milk soap
  • EGGS
  • candy apple ground cover
  • a beautiful interpretation of a tree of life (my fav concept)
  • mug rugs (like hot pads, but not rated for too hot of stuff)
  • denim mason jar cozies
  • candy (from a beautiful little girl who wanted to participate)
  • mango-rita jelly
  • vegan caramel sauce
  • energy rub
  • mesquite flour
  • rockin awesome nesting boxes

I made out like a bandit didn’t I. Argg, me booty!

I’ll try to get pictures of everything and link back to them.

So, it was a great time, had by all who came. I cannot wait to have another one (I know my fellow admin friends cannot wait themselves.) The admin group made KHC shirts by DIY screen-print, as well as patches. We have decided to continue the tradition for future events