At a Pat Benatar concert with my bestie

At a Pat Benatar concert with my bestie

Ok, so here I am! Notice it’s only from the chin up? Yeah, it’s because I’m currently a work in progress. I’ve had three babies, and several years of not caring for my health as I should have been. I’m certain I could come up with a billion excuses as to why, but that’s really not my style.

I’m honest to a fault. I enjoy cooking, caring for my children, caring for my animals (although some days it’s difficult to distinguish between them,) crafting, photography and learning. I really enjoy the unusual, as well as the unexceptional (um, and Superman, duh!)

My husband is my best friend. He is hardworking, loyal, kind, and hilarious. He’s my ginger-beard man. He probably wouldn’t appreciate me adding his picture, so I will refrain, for now.

My girls are the beginning of a good joke…. “A brunette, a blonde, and a redhead….”

Being a ham at a wedding!

Being a ham at a wedding!


I have three beautiful girls that occupy a good deal of my time, since I am a stay at home mom. Kylee is five. She is a vivacious brunette who has no problems telling you what she wants. She is an amazing big sister. I often refer to her as biggest sister (As is what’s up biggest sister?) She is not camera shy and she is a huge help while learning new photography techniques.

Playing in snow for the first time!

Playing in snow for the first time!

logo-supermanLaney is two and half. She’s my “middlest sister” (As in what’s up middlest sister?) She is wee and possesses a serious vocabulary along with an understanding on how to use it. She does not really enjoy it when I try to get posed pictures, but she tends to be ok with random ones. She’s pretty wrapped up in Minnie Mouse and being two, so she’s fairly easy to please. She’s my tiny, expressive, blonde, gal.

All bundled up for the snow

All bundled up for the snow

logo-supermanLennon is one, or as some parents like to say, 16 months old. The Beatles may or may not be my favorite band, (They are up there,) but I promised my husband that I didn’t want to name her that because of John Lennon (I probably lied, but I won’t be confessing now.) She’s pretty awesome. Lennon is my little redhead, who happened to be born on biggest sister’s birthday. Of course, this makes her the “Littlest sister.”

Speaking of birthdays….I tend to go all out, if possible. I don’t really buy them presents, but I try instead to create a memory that will last them their lifetimes. After all, they are only going to let me do this for 10 years or so.

On another topic, I am a homesteader, which by definition doesn’t mean much, but it implies a lot. I moved off-grid in early 2012. It has been a whirlwind of an experience, but I’m certainly glad for each moment. Most of those moments have been really tough, but as things progress and smooth out, I am able to focus on some serious ventures of my own. I am currently joining the blogging world (As you can see.) Additionally, I am trying to start up a small company called The Homesteading Revolution, with a brand, Homemade Revolt. We shall see how this goes, since I’m not dedicating all my time to it.

Packaging Options Direct is seriously my go-to for lots of my everyday needs, as well as some of my new business ventures. I couldn’t be happier with their products and customer service. A great company to be able to be joining forces with.

Feel free to follow me on their blog to see what I’m up to. I will be updating the page shortly to be able to contribute in a more meaningful manner, and I look forward to hearing some thoughts from my readers. Ideas are always encouraged!

It’s good to meet you!


Welcome to my ever-changing, always loving, forever learning, world!


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